Monday, April 4, 2011

It’s hardly been a blink in time since I met you
But a thousand thoughts have floated through my mind
And each one fills my soul with joy.

It’s too early to know anything,
But I don’t need to know.
I haven’t felt this way about anyone for so long
I forgot what it felt like

I have no apprehensions
What normally holds me back
Has faded away
And each thought fills my head with content

I think you’re perfect.

I think back to people before you,
How I thought the same of them
And they unravelled themselves.
Sometimes to show that they weren’t,
And sometimes to show that they were even more wonderful
Than I could have guessed.

So what I have fabricated and what is real
I really don’t know,
But for now it doesn’t matter.
I think you’re right for me,
And I have a feeling
An amazing feeling,
That things just may work out this time.

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