Monday, May 3, 2010

When they said it wasn’t forever,
I really wanted to believe them.
But I don’t even know what tomorrow will be like,
So there’s no way I can predict this.

I hope and I pray I’m not making this worse,
But I’m afraid I may be.
I can’t even understand why
I’m not taking this as seriously as possible
But that’s just how life works,
You take it one day at a time,
And forget about the rest.

Today, tomorrow, the day after that.
I’ve already forgotten yesterday,
But this is so consistent,
It’s time to pay attention, to remember.
I miss you so much
I seem to forget who you are
And right now I remembered those few kind words
Uttered with such a gentle tone
And I remember how beautiful you really are.

You are a jewel on this earth,
Stop trying to be otherwise.
As each complication slowly erases itself from your life
And your heart heals
As people realize who you are, and you realize what you want
The day comes closer
When maybe we won’t have to think
And we’ll just be simple and true.