Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The truth is not a fact

I am not searching for the truth,
Just something that is real.
That is, something I can understand,
Something I can feel.

If something is honest and strikingly so,
It has meaning on more than one level.
It is pure, it is flowing
It is fluid and free
If it is even some of these things
Than it’s just the thing for me.

You see, the truth, it’s just a lie
That is, it doesn’t exist.
What I’m looking for is meaning,
Far beyond this false myth.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

City bird, don't fly away

Guess what these directions are for

Step one: hold under running water for 3.5 seconds while rotating. Ensure each side gets touched by water. (this step is skipped by most, but is mostly necessary according to my standards. Especially if you decide to go with the alternative to step five.)

Step two: Place on a plate

Step three: Pick up newly acquired half knife half spoon

Step four: Slice in half (with knife end)

Step five: scoop flesh using spoon end

Step six: place in mouth

Step seven: chew, enjoy smooth texture and sweet taste

Step eight: swallow

Alternative to step four: Struggle to slice through flesh using spoon. Will result in a jagged and rough result, but if half spoon half knife is not available, it saves using two utensils.

Alternative to step five: place in mouth and bite. Will alter step seven to a dry, rough hairy texture mixed with a sweet taste and smooth moist texture. If half spoon half knife is not available, this will save using two utensils.

Alternative to step eight: Do not swallow. Leave sweetness in mouth forever.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Quotes from a three year old

"Do you know what his name is? When he’s dressed up, his name is Spiderman, and when he’s not dressed up, his name is Peter."

Several times in reference to superheroes (Spiderman, Superman, Batman): "That's the guy that owns the costume."

"Did you ever ride on a turtle? We should do that."

Pointing to whole coffee beans on the floor - "Are those baby turtles?"

"Do you remember that time when it was night-time and all the stores were closed? That was weird, wasn't it."

3 year old: "Let's see what they're building here"
Me: "A big, big house"
3 year old: "For everyone to live in! They must be having lots of guests over."

At the shoe store: "I'm going to get expensive ones."

Little kids are AWESOME.