Tuesday, November 24, 2009

sea shell

I am a shell, slowly breaking
Until what’s left inside
Is the same as I was before.

Soft and easily bruised
But harder to break than I think.

That place I love
Might be my shell
But really it’s the only place
Where I can break free
And am happy with myself.

With this crusty layered shell,
I don’t need to be afraid
I don’t have to protect myself
I don’t hold back.

Take me away, but don’t let me change
Let it build back up
As quickly as it first came

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


An old calendar picture, tea wrappers, a chocolate bar wrapper and some peta materials get transformed into something new..
Her eyes gleam like fire
Hair tangled with thorns
Lips blood red
Not a trace of lipstick.

Clean dirt collecting under nails
Proof of contact with this earth.
Skin lightly dusted with fragrant soil
Smeared on lined cheeks.

She looks to the sky,
And I know she is angry.
But she also knows love.

Second Chance

When I think of all the bad decisions I’ve made
And the people I’ve ignored
A pang of regret stabs at my heart,
Then I realize it’s still okay.

The earth is still turning
My heart is still beating
We’re still alive, still here
The future is our second chance.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Night nerd show

Nov 5th Day of Action

I just realized that it might have actually been my friend that took these pictures..

Friday, November 6, 2009

Things won't always be this way

I’m sorry for how you feel
I wish I knew more
And at the same time I don’t.
I simply think you’re wonderful,
Your soul a jewel on this earth.

For someone so sweet and perfect,
You don’t deserve to feel that way,
But that’s just the way things are,
Everybody does sometimes.
I’m just sorry it had to be you,
Right now.

But later it will be better,
I promise.

I can’t say that I love you,
But please know that I care.

Sleep tight,
Tomorrow is a new day.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Some things are too pretty to throw away

Individually wrapped tea is one of my pet peeves. It just seems extremely wasteful to process paper and then throw it in the recycling right away, especially when you drink the amount of tea that I do. I wasn't expecting this box of tea to be individually wrapped and was dissapointed that it was, but the wrappers were so pretty that I saved them, and later ended up using them as the border for this picture which started as a little doodle with a green pen.

This painting, which I have previously featured on this blog, went missing. I have a bunch of paintings stacked on top of each other on my desk leaning against the wall, for lack of any other way to display them, and they all fell over a couple weeks ago. I put them back, and didn't notice until later that one of them wasn't there. Well, today they all fell over again, and that's when I noticed that the missing painting was stuck on the back of one of my other paintings, caught underneath the wooden frame. Mystery solved!