Monday, April 4, 2011

I want to remember how to write
Unlearn the fear that’s grown in these bones
Who try so hard
And dig back into this buried truth
That seeps out of my pores like blood from a fresh wound
Red and beautiful
Urgency that reflects the pain
Like a bare truth
Strung out to dry in the sun.

I want to close my eyes
And dive forward with my heart
Forget what it means to be careful
Or sensible
And live out of love.

Just because I know I can live without you
Doesn’t mean that I should.

I’ve felt a sharp breath
Of fresh air
That showed me this life
Is far better than I thought.

My two complex realities
Have interwoven
Each breathing new life into my soul
Inspiring my heart where it needs it most
And leaving me with a content farewell
Taking with me the strength
To live another day
And dive head first into the unknown.

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