Friday, April 23, 2010


These little sparkling fireflies seemed so bright
But they only stuck around for awhile.
I’m always left sitting in the dark,
Wondering what I was thinking,
If it ever made sense,
Or if I’m just this silly lonely girl
That wants to find something real.

Why do these things seem so wonderful,
Why do I open myself up
Just to look back on it all,
And see that I let far too many things slide,
That I was a little too hopeful.

I know isolation, desperation,
Forgetting how to talk to people.
I’m afraid of letting go,
But I’m not going to survive only to hold on.

I need a fresh start,
I need to see that people can be open
And honest and trusting
That won’t let you go
That will hold on,
Just because you were worth it.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


The moon is as bright as ever,
But sometimes it doesn’t speak as clearly to me.
The stars are bright and beautiful
No matter where you are.

The dark sky scans across the earth
Sped up to a blur
Then slows down above you
Location 2.0

The same stars are twinkling
All over the earth
As you lower these blinds
And slip under the sheets
An empty heart
And a hopeless mind
I’m singing you to sleep.

We all are one,
But some of us just feel so far away.
I’m sorry for how you feel,
How I feel you might feel,
But I don’t really know.

Maybe tonight the moon is speaking to you,
So I’ll take a break and wait.
This fresh sweet air
Is dark and crisp
It’s right where it’s meant to be,
And so am I.