Friday, October 23, 2009

On a different kind of night

Lightning bolts thrash through the sky
From heaven to earth,
Not an inch is missed.
Wolves howl with glee
And pace back and forth.

Owls hoot and shake their wings
Deer leap over fences
Which divide stolen field from stolen field.

Lab rats scratch at their prison walls
Rabbits twitch their noses in anticipation
Calves break through crates
And return to their mothers.

Race horses run with no one telling them to do so.

Rain pours down all around us
Collecting deeply on the ground
Ducks waddle out and splash away
Snails crawl across pavement without being stepped on.

The power is out,
Cars pull over to the side of the road
And break down upon instinct.
Their metals remember where they came from
And sense that their time is up.
Oil remembers the dinosaurs,
And see the carnivores around them
Going extinct again.

The sound of silence
Is slowly replaced
By one of life.

People are afraid to go out at night,
Without any lights.
The air smells fresh and wild,
It’s time to take back what is ours.

Imagine a world you would love to live in

I want to go to sleep at night
And wake up when the sun rises.
I want to harvest my food from the soil
and know the earth as a friend.

I want to get my knowledge from my friends.
I want to learn from life,
Not an institution.
I want to know love,
But not need or reliance.

I want no government,
No laws or business.
I don’t want to buy anything from anybody
I don’t want to be plugged in.

I want to live where things aren’t defined.
No time, no clocks or schedules
No deadlines
No need to rush.

I want to go to a place I once knew
A place without doors locking me in.
I have no one to keep out,
So let the sun shine,
Let the wind blow,
Let bugs find a home in my room.

I want to go to a place
With paths, not roads
Where cars are alien
Where nature comes first
Where people are free
And animals roam like the wind.

I want to go to a place,
Where friends don’t just visit,
But stay.
Where electricity doesn’t magically appear
But we see where it comes from.

I want to drink water from a spring that never knows a bottle
Eat food that has never touched plastic
Live on land that has never been dominated with chemicals
That has never been destroyed.

I want to be where trees tell stories,
Where their knowledge is respected and sung
Where food grows with pleasure and joy

I want to live with no boundaries
Where power only exists in the liberation of being free
Where art is everything around you
Where birds create music.

I want to live.

I never want to own land,
I just want to set it free.
Your heart only knows sadness
The only ‘love’ you know is pain
You’ve been hurt too many times
I understand why you’re afraid.

I hate to see you so upset,
It’s okay to be angry you know.
Please understand that more exists
Not everyone is so cruel.

Let me set your heart free,
I won’t hold it too tightly.
I won’t squeeze it greedily
Or try to force it to be like my own.
I won’t starve it or stuff it
I won’t try to own it
I won’t call it mine
I won’t steal it from you
I won’t cut it or damage it
I won’t try to make it small.

I’ll let it chose its own path
All I’ll do is love it,
Let it know that I care
Then hold it up upon my palm
And release it to the sky.
It’ll know what to do,
It’ll take things from there.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

nougat tastes like roasted marshmallows. Amazing!

Lifetime Aspirations

I have a little green book, with a picture of a cat riding a cow on the front of it, that I bought 5 years ago. I use it just to write down random things, (in no order, I just open it to any random page and write things down). Last night I decided to look through it. Inside there is my election speech for band fundraiser, my campaign notes for an idling ban, notes from a court case I went to, 2 floor plans of the courtroom, to-do lists, packing lists, food logs, poems, notes from meetings and presentations, etc.

One page had this list on it:

-live/work on a sheep farm
-record a techno album
-ride bike to Toronto

That's all the page said, no header or explaination, just those three things. It made me laugh at how random it was, but when I thought of it, I realized it was just last month that I wrote this list, when I was thinking of things I want to do in my lifetime. Of course there is more I want to add, but these aspirations are as worthy as any, and if someone just told me that they did those three things during their lifetime, I would still think that they had a pretty interesting life.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Here I am,
Sitting in my room,
With this secret exploding in my head.
I can’t tell anyone, even if I want to.
‘cause I know its not a good idea, and I’ll regret it right away.
I know exactly how that regret will feel,
And it will be of the worst kind.

So I’ll keep sitting here,
Trying to decide what to do.
The best thing, I think,
Is to do nothing.
No one will ever know,
And if I change my mind,
I am safe.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Wood Nymph

On the rock sat a girl
With roses in her eyes
And smiles in her hair.

With twinkles in her toes
And dancing in her hands.

Her eyes are big and brown
They blink and glisten in the light.
They are soft and kind but fiery,
They know what they desire.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

When I say I love poetry
I really mean
That I love reading poetry

I love writing it too,
But I hate that I need to.
It only comes to me
When everything is wrong
And I just can’t escape it.

Reading through all the poems I’ve written
Is really like reading through a journal
Of the worst days of your life.

Sometimes I find the beauty in it,
But most of the time I can’t.